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The Further Adventures of Sparky the Squirrel: Part Two

Sparky the Squirrel

As I said yesterday, training your dog to listen to you could save its life one day. It certainly saved the life of Sparky the squirrel.

One afternoon I was in the drive way by the garage, when I suddenly saw my old dog Lady racing across the front lawn. Now this old rescued dog had arthritis and never ran; she just plodded. So I knew something was going on. I stepped forward and saw Lady had her nose right on a squirrel’s tail as they hared across the lawn together.

I bellowed, “STOP THAT!” And lady locked her front legs and skidded to a halt on the grass. The squirrel just kept right on full speed towards the small white wall, and straight over it through the railings, without a pause – to safety.

Lady, still standing there frozen, watched the squirrel disappear, then looked at me and her expression said, “What did you do that for? Now it’s got away!”

Naturally, Lady got lots of praise and attention and a biscuit.

So, having routine and discipline, along with, obviously, love, makes a well balanced dog – and saves Sparky the squirrel.

post script: This will never work with Little Monkey, as she is too much the hunter. With her, if I am quick enough, I have to intervene in person, or with the garden rake, if it is to hand, for extra reach. Even so, the squirrels have wisely learnt to stay out of the garden when the dogs are around!


The Adventures of Sparky the Squirrel: Part One

Sparky the Squirrel

Sparky the Squirrel

Grey squirrels abound in my area; and they are all called Sparky! Some days they all come out to play at once; which makes walking the dogs very exciting!

One warm day, I was waiting to cross the road at a T-junction. My dogs were sitting at the kerb as usual, and we watched as a car approached the stop sign. Suddenly, to our amazement and out of nowhere, a little grey thing dropped out of the sky, flashed right in front of our eyes and landed with a thump and a “squeak” on the road at our feet. Even the dogs were too astounded to move.

The little squirrel prised itself off the tarmac, shook its head and scampered off across the road to the safety of some bushes. I’ve no idea what happened. There was only one very tall forty foot tree next to us and nowhere for it to jump to. I can only assume it somehow lost its footing.

The driver rolled down his window as he drove past, and called out to me, “Did you see that?”

Me: “Yes! I can’t believe it survived.”

We were both laughing at the surprise of it all.

Never a dull moment with Sparky. But until this incident, I didn’t know they could bounce!