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Take a Flying Leap

Sparky Takes a Leap 1

Sparky takes a flying leap and pulls a fast one in a disappearing act.

Haiku 120

Sparky takes a leap

It’s poetry in motion

Or maybe not quite!


Sparky Takes a Leap 2

The above photo shows Sparky as he prepared himself before he took the plunge!

A moment before he had been sitting on top of the stone frog. It’s a pity I didn’t have my camera handy then!



Take a flying leap: Tell someone who is annoying to go away

Pull a fast one: To successfully deceive someone

Do a disappearing act: To go away or be impossible to find when needed

Poetry in motion: Moving gracefully or beautifully

Take the plunge: Decide to do something you are nervous about


Isn’t the English language marvellous?


Sparky is Thirsty!

Sparky Takes a Drink

After working hard to bury his treasure, which he is still doing in my plant pots (see earlier post; Buried Treasure) little Sparky the squirrel is in need of a drink.

Sparky on my Stoep

It is the cutest thing to watch him pottering around on my stoep.

Even cuter to watch him drinking from the dog bowl: that the Olive Thrush bathes in!

Sparky Takes a Drink 2

Just look at those little legs!


Buried Treasure

Sparky the Squirrel 1

Ahoy there, me Hearties! Cap’n Sparky here.

I’m just burying me Treasure in this ‘ere pot.

Sparky the Squirrel 2

I’ll bury it nice and deep so it’ll be safe under this spiky plant until I’ll be needing it again. 


I’m sure Sparky’s treasure will be safe there in my pot. I’m just worried about my poor Asparagus fern; since Sparky was really digging down deep into the roots!


Hello Baby!

Baby Squirrel 1

Two baby squirrels have been frolicking around my garden lately. They used to have a parent in tow, but now they appear solo.

Baby Squirrel 2

When I went outside and saw the little family on the grass, the parent would immediately run away to safety, while the kids just stared at me!

They still have a lot to learn about the ways of the world.

Baby Squirrel 3

My most recent encounter was when I walked round the side of the house to check on my honeysuckle. I turned the corner and spotted the two baby squirrels scratching around the bushes. We all instantly froze!

Baby Squirrel 4

Very slowly, I turned my back on them and took a step away then stood still. Next second one of the squirrels darted right in front of me, past my foot, headed for the relative safety of the bird bath. A moment later the second squirrel passed by me on my right, leaping along the grass in little bounds.

It wasn’t the safest escape route, but I guess they will learn in time.


post script: You can see from the last photo just how far away the tiny squirrel was. Also, he was sitting in the bright sunlight. Both these factors made it very hard for my little Canon camera to capture a clear shot, but hopefully you can see well enough.


Mission Impossible

Squirrel on fence

Sparky the Squirrel 1

Sparky the squirrel, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to check out this fence for spy infiltration, while avoiding detection.

Mission Accepted!

Cue Mission Impossible Music! . . .

Sparky the Squirrel 2

Little Sparky was in stealth mode scampering up and down my side fence, having a grand old time.

With consummate ease he hung suspended upside down, clinging on with his tiny claws.

Sparky the Squirrel 3

Peeping out here and there to check if the coast was clear.

Finally, in ultra stealth mode, he evaded detection completely!

Sparky the Squirrel 4

Mission Accomplished!


Actually, I have no idea what Sparky was up to, but his antics provided ample amusement!


All photos were taken from inside my lounge through the window. 


Sparky’s Adventures in Suburbia

Sparky 1


So there I was minding my own business pottering around my lawn, when suddenly I noticed the Lady of the House looking at me.

Sparky 2


Maybe I should go? But I don’t see the wolf.

Sparky 3


Yep, she’s still looking, pointing that silver thing right at me.

Sparky 4


I’m outta here!


I spotted little Sparky the squirrel on my lawn the other day, and he spotted me too. It was fun to watch his little brain working, while he decided what to do.

Sparky 5

This is how far away he was (on zoom) and why some photos are a little blurred.


Double Exposure!


Tag; you’re it!  Catch me if you can!

I was sitting quietly in the lounge having a cuppa and doing crosswords, when I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. When I looked up I saw a squirrel on the fence outside. I grabbed my camera and took a quick photo. Then I noticed that there were actually two Sparkies playing on the fence.

I wanted to take more shots, but my camera froze for some reason; maybe because it was jolly cold!

Anyway, it was nice to see these two chasing each other as if they were twitterpated! It means Spring is just around the corner.

All the birds around are noisily proclaiming their territories and there are Shouting Wars going on at all hours. On our dog walk a few days ago Little Monkey and I saw about eight Egyptian Geese, sitting high above us in the branches of the massive fir trees and also on the rooves of nearby houses, all honking loudly at each other. It was ear-shattering!

And I saw my first snowdrop that day too.


Baby Sparky Learns to Swim!

Squirrel 2

I had thought that all mammals could swim, except for the sloth, which I have since seen swimming in a nature documentary and the giraffe, which might not swim too well, but somehow manages not to drown. (I don’t think he’s very good at the backstroke though.)

Apparently large apes such as gorillas and orangutans cannot swim. Of course, neither can humans naturally, unless taught, and then we swim very well. Still, it is odd to see animals swimming that are not normally associated with water.

Did you know that squirrels can swim quite well?

My husband was out in the garden with Little Monkey when they came across two squirrels. One was an adult and one a kit; a baby. When the squirrels saw LM they scarpered; the adult up a tree and the baby straight into the pool!

The first I knew about it was my husband calling me saying there was a squirrel in the pool. Sadly no photos of the actual event as we were too busy saving Baby Sparky from drowning!

Baby Sparky

I ran to the back door where I could see the baby squirrel doing the “doggy” paddle in the pool. My husband was getting the pool net ready to rescue the baby and Little Monkey was trotting across the lawn, at that moment unaware of Sparky in the pool.

I called LM into the house and shut the door. This was the first course of action as far as I was concerned. By the time I’d done this, my husband had placed the pool net in the pool and the baby had jumped onto it and straight out into the bushes.

Sparky was only in the pool for a few seconds and was swimming well when I saw him, but still, it must have been quite a shock. Swimming is not a natural activity for a squirrel and the water was icy cold!

Good to know he survived his ordeal, but he still has a lot to learn.

Baby Sparky 2

Later, when I spotted many squirrels in my garden I grabbed my camera to snatch a few shots. The adults immediately disappeared up a tree, whereas the youngster hung around, not too sure what to do!

Hopefully he quickly becomes a little more ‘garden’ savvy!


Sparkies for Africa!

Squirrels 1

I often see a squirrel on my lawn, or climbing on the fence or a tree.

But this time I spotted three squirrels all at once, which is very rare. A scurry of Sparkies!

Squirrel 2

Though they all seemed to be youngsters, one of them was particularly young; so cute with his skinny little body.

Squirrel 3

They were very busy digging for food in my garden and generally scurrying around.

Squirrel 4

They look awkward walking on all fours on the ground, being much more at home climbing straight up a tree.

And after all that hard work time for a little drink; in the bird bath!

Squirrel 5

They have also drunk out of the dog water bowls on the stoep, but I haven’t managed to catch a photo yet.


Of course, with all this extra activity going in in the garden I have to remember to double check for little grey bodies before I let Little Monkey out. Sometimes I forget.

Squirrel 6

LM spots them instantly and is off like a shot. One time it looked a little too close for comfort and I bellowed at her to stop! She skidded to a halt and her back legs collapsed. I like to think she was already stopping because I told her to and not because her legs gave way, but I guess I’ll never know. (Her back legs have been doing this for over a year now. No cause can be found; she is very healthy, just getting old.)

Still, I never thought that LM would become nearly as well behaved as my previous dog Lady, as you can see from this post of three and a half years ago; The Further Adventures of Sparky the Squirrel: Part Two.


post script: Many of these photos were taken through a window, so please excuse the blurry, milky appearance, or with my Galaxy phone, not great on distance shots.