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When the whole Festive Season gets a little too much for you, take a tip from Sparky the squirrel; chill out and relax.

Talk about taking a chill pill, I think Sparky must have swallowed the whole packet!

I saw this little chap hop up onto the top of my fence. He tried out a position on the first gate post. Not finding this to his liking, he sauntered along the top of the gate, pausing to have a scratch at the next pole. Then he stretched himself out to catch a little sun.

Although it is summer here and temperatures are often in the mid to high thirties, (I quickly specify Centigrade here for my American friends!) there has been a strong wind most days (up to 12 m/s – 27 mph) which (fortunately) cools it down.

Obviously it was a little too cool for Sparky, hence the sunbathing chillax session.

I have to add, that it really doesn’t look all that comfortable!


post script: I like that he feels safe enough to stretch out here on my fence and take a short nap. He’d be safer in a tree, but he wouldn’t catch the rays then.

Photo taken through my window.


Sparky and the Loquats

Loquat 1

Sparky the Squirrel tucks into a lovely loquat, while sitting in the apple tree.

Sparky and Loquat 2

Sparky does not stand on ceremony. What he wants, he takes. Here he is in the apple tree, casually leaning over to pluck the fruit from the neighbouring loquat tree.

Sparky and Loquat 3

Everybody’s favourite tree in early summer, our loquat (Eriobotrya japonica) is very busy. Many different birds come to feast on the ripe fruit, which is a little like a small apricot. Even though there is plenty for everyone, some still want the tree all to themselves and squabbles are not uncommon.

Cape White Eye and Loquat 1

Here are some Cape White Eye having a feast. They are tiny little birds and it’s difficult to capture them as they flit around and are never still for a moment.

Cape White Eye and Loquat 2

You can see from the photo just how tiny these birds are; barely bigger than the fruit they are enjoying.

Cape White Eye and Loquat 3

As it’s very hard to see them, I just point my camera in the general direction of the rustling of the leaves and the sound of their peeping and hope for the best!


All these photos were taken through my window, which explains the cloudiness.


Making New Friends

Sparky 1

Hello there!

We were enjoying afternoon tea and scones outside at the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens, when Sparky the Squirrel came to join us.

Sparky 2

There I was, eating the last of my delicious scone, when I noticed little Sparky begging for food.

By this stage I only had a few crumbs left, but I gladly shared them with the charming little chap.

Sparky 3 – Photo credit M the Greek

What a delight it was to have this little wild creature stare up trustingly into my eyes and lay his little paw in my hand.

Sparky 4 – Photo credit M the Greek

But apparently my offerings were lacking.

Sparky was having – Anything he could get his little paws on . . . As witness here, eating part of a sandwich he has begged from someone apparently less hungry than me!

Sparky 5

This seems to be what he was after all along; not my pathetic little crumbs.

I am only surprised that, with all the easy pickings, he was not totally rotund!


The Return of Sparky


I haven’t seen much of Sparky the squirrel lately.

But as our weather begins to cool down, it’s time for Sparky to fatten up for winter.

This little chap looks like a youngster.

Sparky 2

I can’t make out what he’s eating, but it was obviously yummy enough for him to ignore me creeping ever closer from inside the house, trying to get a clear shot of him as he munched away on the lawn.

Sparky 3

Sparky, my boy! Did your mother never tell you not to eat with your mouth open?


Nuts in May

Sparky 1

I captured little Sparky the squirrel Gathering Nuts in May on my lawn.

OK, so he’s really gathering berries from my massive syringa tree, but I love how he holds them like a little bouquet of flowers to offer to his sweetheart!

Below is the unaltered photo, which as you see, is quite blurred. Sparky was far away and not going to hang around for a photo shoot. I snapped what I could with my trusty Canon.

Sparky 2

And as I’ve discussed before, in Mystery Visitor, there is only so much post-editing you can do to improve a blurred image; the best advice being to simply take another photo; in focus! Still, I’m rather chuffed with my results of smartening Mr Sparky up a bit.


post script: “Here we go gathering Nuts in May” is a lovely old nursery rhyme that I remember singing as a kid, and to my own kids. It’s interesting that originally it was probably ‘Knots in May’ referring to the blossom of the hawthorn.

You can listen to a version of Nuts in May sung here.


Sparky Dances for Joy

Sparky 1

Galaxy 10

Sparky the squirrel seemed full of the joys of . . . Autumn!

Sparky 2

I captured the little critter scampering above in the canopies of these large trees, while I sat in the shade beneath enjoying my coffee. It was nice of him to provide the entertainment!

Sparky 3

He even sunbathed awhile, stretched out on a branch, as comfy to him as any sofa to us.

But living life in the fast lane, he didn’t stay for long.

Sparky 4

I caught him just about to leap across a wide open space to the next tree. I love how he gets his eye in and bunches up, coiled like a spring, before bounding into mid-air, propelled by his strong back legs.

Sparky 5

He then confidently scampered at speed through an arboreal pathway only he could see. I snapped this last action shot as he leapt away; on to his next adventure.


This is the tenth and final in my series of Galaxy camera phone photos. I feel confident now, that I can take photos in focus (mostly) with my phone. I hope you have enjoyed the series as much as I have in making it.





Hey Sparky, *Howzit.

Where have you been all winter?

Have you been checking out my loquat tree, to see if the fruit is ripe yet?

Any day now!


post script: Howzit is a South African greeting; How’s it; How is it; How are you; Hello!


I Believe I Can Fly!

LM Flying

LM 1 Flying

This is Little Monkey flying!

So how did this come about?

It was a public holiday, which I’d forgotten about, so people were playing tennis on the courts, bowls on the greens and a soccer match here on the fields that are normally deserted. It meant I had to keep LM on the lead for longer than usual, before I let her off, but it would not have made any difference to the outcome.

LM Flying 2

LM 2 Flying

Little Monkey is very well behaved on our walks, walking behind me down the path . . .  until she hears or sees a squirrel; then all training flies out of her ears, and she has to chase it.

That’s what happened here. I’d let her off the lead; done the whole sit, stay thing and walked a few metres with her happily trotting behind me. Then she heard the faint scratch of tiny claws and Poof! She was gone in an instant: chasing squirrels.

LM Flying 3

LM 3 Squirrel hunting

Here she is looking and listening for more squirrels to chase.

How to chase a squirrel, by Little Monkey.

Run madly straight at it. Yip loudly as it rapidly disappears, straight up a massive tree. Leap after it with all four feet off the ground and push off the trunk. Run round the trunk yapping frustratedly, while the squirrel sits safely 30 feet above you.

This is the surest way to get the squirrel to come back down again!

LM Flying 4

LM 4 Squirrel hunting

And you can see from these action shots, just how young and strong LM is. Yes, she’s only eleven next month!



post script: And because you’re all singing it anyway, here is R. Kelley: ‘I believe I can fly’.


Mystery Post

Mystery 1

Mystery 1

Look what is about to burst into bloom in my garden, even though it is autumn, with winter right around the corner.

Mystery 2

Mystery 2

But what is it?

Hint: Sparky the squirrel loves these, which are fully ripe at the end of winter, just when food is starting to become scarce. When I open my curtains in the morning, I’ll see him running along the top of the fence, heading for his breakfast.

Oh, all right, I’ll take pity on you. The answer is below, in tiny letters, upside down.

You’re welcome!




The Answer!

Intruder Alert!

Sparky 1

Sparky 1

Sittin’ on a fence!

Yes, the cheeky little blighter was back!

I grabbed my trusty canon and took a few shots: photos of course, not canon balls!

Sparky 2

Sparky 2

This through the window, and at speed, because my husband was already dashing outside to chase Sparky away!

Sparky 3

Sparky 3

Still, I do like the furry little things. Just as long as they stay in the garden, and not my roof!

(See Squirrels in the Sun-Roof.)