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Blue Agapanthus

Blue Agapanthus 1

Haiku 87

Standing straight and tall

Magnificently pretty

Blue Agapanthus


Blue Agapanthus 2

Most Agapanthus that I come across are white, so it is lovely to see these bright blue ones flourishing on a property near me.

Blue Agapanthus 3

Suddenly they are just there; magnificently so.



Sunday Musings #158

Life is too short to remove USB safely.

– Unknown


I have one particular external HD that insists it is still in use, when I know I have closed everything. Now I don’t even ask my computer if it is safe to remove it, because I know it is and it will tell me it is not.

There seem to be different names in use for these little devices. I call them Flash Sticks, because you know, the small ones are sticks and they flash!

My sister in the UK calls them Memory sticks. I believe they are also referred to as USB or U, pen, thumb(nail), drives or sticks.

Removing these little guys isn’t too much of a problem. My main frustration is when you have stayed up a little too late watching ‘stuff’ online and now you really need to go to sleep. You try to shut down your laptop, only to be met with the Windows statement, Update and Shut Down or Update and Restart. No other options! Grrrr!


The Blue Train

Kalk Bay Train Restaurant 1

Step back in time, to an era of elegance, where you could travel in style and luxury.

Kalk Bay Train Restaurant 2

Sit comfortably on padded chairs while you wait for your food.

Kalk Bay Train Restaurant 3

There is plenty to choose from the scrumptious menu.

Kalk Bay Train Restaurant 4

Or take a look at menus from past journeys under the glass top table.

Kalk Bay Train Restaurant 5

Nowadays this old railway carriage serves as a restaurant and stands alone, next to the tracks where trains still run.

It is where I always stop for lunch whenever I visit Kalk Bay.


This is for Blosslyn, who requested photos of the Blue Train.


Sea Mist

Sea 1 Muizenberg

Haiku 86

See through the sea mist

Distant mountains all around

Vast open ocean


This is a coastal view of Muizenburg from part way up the mountain on Boyes Drive.

Sea 2

The sky looks cloudy in the distance, but this is not fog. It was a hot windy day and what you see is a heat haze.

Sea 3

The wind whipped up the sea, producing white horses.

Sea 4

This is the view from the parking lot at Kalk Bay. The train runs right along the coast towards Simonstown. Today the sea looked green, but usually it is as blue as the sky.


A Rose For You

Red Red Rose

Haiku 85

Heavenly perfume

One of Nature’s miracles

The scent of a rose


This rose is from my garden. I only have three rose bushes; one large plant that produces an abundance of pink roses, with little scent, and two small ones that produce only a few red blooms, but with a magnificent scent.

I wish I could somehow transmit this beautiful aroma across the ether!

This red rose is for all my Northern friends; especially Pam at Butterflysand, who loves roses.

May it brighten your day as you approach winter.


Remembrance Sunday 2018

Poppy Day

They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old:

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning

We will remember them.

Poem ‘For the Fallen’ by Robert Laurence Binyon.


Today, November 11th, is Armistice Day and it is also Remembrance Sunday.  It is 100 years since the end of World War One.

Traditionally red poppies are worn to symbolise those that grew on battle fields such as in Flanders Fields. Often it is hard to find any poppies for sale here in Cape Town, but this year I was happy to see a woman standing outside the local shops selling poppies; the one in the photo.

A two minute silence is held to mark the end of the First World War, at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.

Because we should remember all those fallen in all wars.

And make sure that some day it stops.


Apple Blossoms

Apple Blossom 1

Haiku 84

Gnarly old branches

How do you keep producing

Beautiful blossom?


Apple Blossom 2

My apple tree is ancient. It was already here when we bought the house.

Apple Blossom 3

Though the trunk and branches are covered in lumps and bumps, the tree still survives:

Apple Blossom 4

Producing beautiful blossoms every single year.

However this tree manages it, I am always grateful anew, every single spring.