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Pink Dawn

Pink Sky

Haiku 57

Pink sky this morning

Put there for my delight, or

Sailors take warning!



I know it isn’t much of a pink sky, but I don’t often see coloured sunrises, more usually sunsets.

You need clouds for a start; which we see a little more of now we’re almost in the rainy season.

And you have to be very quick!

I opened the back door early one morning to call in Little Monkey (she still insists on sleeping outside in her cosy nook) and noticed the gorgeous sky at once.

By the time I had dashed for my camera and taken a few shots, the pink was already fading fast. In another minute it had gone completely.

Some mornings, while it’s still dark, I hear the Cape Eagle Owl. Magic.


post script: The poem I learnt as a kid is as follows:

Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight;

Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning.

There are other variations on the old weather forecasting poem.



Three Little Maids

Three Roses 1

I find it interesting just how much the background of a photo can make a difference to a shot.

Here I present a series of three photos of roses blooming on my floribunda bush right now. (Yes we are approaching winter, but my roses don’t care!)

Three Roses 2

I changed my position as I took the shots, to alter what was showing in the background.

People have different tastes in art, so I suppose will like different things in a photo.

Three Roses 3 – Photo One

Maybe you like the busy green background of photo one above?

Three Roses 4 – Photo Two

Or the less busy, but still something going on, background of photo two?

Three Roses 5 – Photo Three

I prefer the plain dark background of photo three.

Three Roses 1

I like the crisp edge it gives to the petals and how the pink shows up beautifully against the darkness. (It looks much crisper before being processed by WordPress.)


What’s your favourite photo? You are welcome to tell me in the comments below.


post script: Obviously I don’t have the photographic skills of most of my fellow bloggers, nor the correct terminology. I’m just having fun!

“Three Little Maids” refers to the song, Three Little Maids From School Are We, from Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic opera, The Mikado.


1000 Posts!

Muizenberg Beach

This is my 1000th post!


It has taken me very nearly four years to get here, but as the saying goes, it is the journey, not the destination, that is important.

As long as I’m having fun, I’ll keep on blogging.

And a Big Thank You to everyone who has joined me along the way. Without your company my friends, there would be no point.


Elephant Grass

Elephant in Elephant Grass

You would never think that you could possibly miss seeing an elephant, but it happened to my husband and me in the Addo Elephant National Park many years ago.

We drove through the reserve towards the water hole where the game ranger had told us elephant had recently been spotted. Not once along the way did we see any elephants!

Finally, towards the end of the trail, we heard a noise behind us and quickly looked round. We spotted the back end of a massive elephant as it crossed the road behind us, only to disappear into the jungle of tall vegetation again.

Who knew something as large as an elephant could hide so well?


post script: Of course, this particular photo is not the back end of an elephant disappearing into elephant grass, but rather a teeny toadstool that sprouted in my lawn after a little rain. Gotcha??


Casualties of Drought

Drought 1

Sadly not all my plants have survived the on-going drought here in Cape Town.

This is mostly due to my negligence.

A case in point is this spiky bush that has lived in a giant plant pot for years. It produced tiny little white flowers and then little red berries.

Tomatoes 1

In times of good rains it produced little bulb-like nodules near the roots that looked like grapes, where it stored excess moisture, so it couldĀ survive times of drought.

I rarely watered this plant, maybe tipping the last drop of water from the watering can onto it occasionally. I could see it was very happy with multiple ‘grapes’ full of water.

Drought 2

But I have been unobservant.

One by one these ‘grapes’ must have been used up as the drought progressed and the emergency water supply for the plant disappeared.

I never even noticed.

Drought 3

All that is left are dried out dead twigs.

The green leaves sprouting in the pot must be some of my bulbs, freesia and sparaxis, that usually flower in spring; September. I have no idea what they are doing now.

There were a few other plants that also died; a dianthus I kept in a large tea cup; all the pansies and violetta.

And my old Jasmine.

Drought 4

I was very sad to see this one go.


Other plants have survived against all odds:

Son of Shrimp Bush survived, because I did think to throw a little water his way now and then.

Mr Spaghetti Legs’ little fynbos plant survives. Any spare water I have I give to him first.

For the rest, my garden is looking pretty good.

Surprisingly, it bounces back lush and green after even the most meagre of rainfalls.

All in all there are more survivors than casualties.