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Meerkat 1

Haiku 153

What better way to

Scratch an itchy back than by

Rolling in the sand


Meerkat 2

Meerkats are always fun to watch. This little gal was having a great time rolling on her back in the sandy ground, at the World of Birds wildlife sanctuary, Hout Bay, Cape Town.


Writing this post made me think of the song, so here is Creedence Clearwater Revival singing Proud Mary, or as I know it – Rolling on the river .


A Study in Orange

Orange Daisies 1

Haiku 150

Glorious daisies

Bright sunlight fallen to Earth

Radiating Gold


Orange Daisies 2

Walking around Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in Cape Town, there are many wonderful sights to see:

Distant mountaintops, unusual and indigenous flora, works of art, a cool stream running through a shady dell;

Orange Daisies 3

And turning a corner in the path, these iridescent, brightly coloured daisies.

I love Nature!


post script: I’m not entirely sure, but I think these flowers are what we locals call Cape Daisies, Osteospermum.


Monkey See!

Squirrel Monkey

Haiku 147

In the canopy

I spot a squirrel monkey

Monkey see me too!



Visiting the World of Birds wildlife sanctuary in Hout Bay, Cape Town recently, we went inside the Squirrel Monkey enclosure to get up close and personal with the little monkeys.

It seems they were checking us out just as much as we were checking them out.


Take a Break

Seaside 3

Haiku 144

A leave of absence

I’ll only be posting here




Spring has Sprung here in Cape Town and I have many chores waiting. Also family is visiting soon, so I’ll be spending time with them.

All of which means that I’ll only be visiting Blogland now and then, for the next month or so.

To all my friends, particularly those in hospital or recovering, keep well and I’ll see you later.



Sunday Musings #189

OK, so you’re 10 years old, you have a laptop, iPod, Facebook and a Blackberry . . Dude when I was ten I only had one thing to play with – it was called “OUTSIDE.”

– Unknown


Yeah, Yeah, I know. There will always be the Generation Gap.

Still, I think that my childhood was a lot healthier than today’s kids will have.