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Syringa Spring


As the sun sets on winter, spring is already bursting forth.

See the new growth on the Syringa tree, silhouetted against a pink and lilac sky.

A Syringa Spring!




Orange Plane

I thought you might like to see one of our smaller planes here in SA.

I love the bright orange Mango aircraft; offering a similar service to eg Ryan Air or Easy Jet.

I like how the plane complements our orange African sunset.


post script: I took this photo with my camera phone at Cape Town airport last July, as I awaited my evening departure on a much larger BA plane to London.


Pink Moon


We get the pinkest of skies here in Cape Town in winter. A subtle hue spreads evenly across the sky as the sun thinks about setting.

You have to be quick to catch this tint though, as the sun sets so rapidly that suddenly all colour is gone.

To add a little glamour to the scene, a sliver of a moon shines out in the pinkness.

You noticed it without the title, right?


And if you want to know what a Blue Moon is, check out my post Blue Moon!




Railings – Abstract

I wonder if these inanimate railings were enjoying the lovely sunset as much as I was?

Later I noticed how the angle of the railings paralleled the streaks of coloured clouds, producing odd strata.


Strata – Definitition

One of a number of portions or divisions likened to layers or levels.


Sunset Fly-by

Sunset Geese

Sunset Geese


Egyptian Geese fly by in a wedge formation, heading into the setting sun.

I know the photo is a little blurred, but the light was rapidly fading and my trusty point and click Canon did its best, at least capturing the spirit of the evening flight.


post script: You can read here about Why geese fly in a V shape. And Dawn Patrol to see my skein of flying geese.