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Oh Christmas Tree, Cape Town

Cape Town Airport 1

Cape Town Airport 1

Christmas is waiting to greet you, when you arrive at Cape Town airport.

Cape Town Airport 2

Cape Town Airport 2

Welcome to the Mother City, oh weary traveller from the North.

Have some SUN!


post script: I first learnt this carol, Oh Christmas Tree, at school, in French. So here is the French version for you to listen to: sung by Nana Mouskouri; Mon Beau Sapin.



Old Yeller

Old Yeller - the Idiot

Old Yeller – Little Monkey

“Why am I so yellow?” asks Little Monkey.

Because the low angle of the early morning winter’s sun slants golden rays upon your outstretched body.

And because, underneath your street dog disguise, you are a Golden Labrador – with a heart of gold!