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Tea and Peacocks

Tea Time

Sitting out under the trees

On an overcast day

Enjoying tea and scones

Peacocks 1

You can’t get much closer to Nature

Than the accompaniment of

The plaintive cries of Peacocks

Peacocks 2

As they scramble about

On the thatched rooves opposite

Squabbling over who gets the girls

Peacock 3

Even when not displaying to his ladies

The male is magnificent

Iridescent light on a dismal day




Tea for Two

Tea for Two

Tea for Two

Now that’s what I call civilised!

An old friend phoned me out of the blue yesterday. I’ve only seen her once this year, so I dropped everything (who wants to do chores anyway!!) and met her for tea at a wine farm.

We all need time out now and then.

post script: The answer to yesterday’s pop quiz: slower than molasses in winter – This is a quote from the movie “The Warrior’s Way” 2010, starring Jang Dong Gun, Kate Bosworth and Geoffrey Rush. Little by little I shall educate my followers in movie trivia!


Dandelion Clock

Dandelion Clock

The Magnificent Golden Glory of the Darling Dandelion

I have always liked dandelions. Who doesn’t want to pick up that ball of clockwork fluff and blow it to kingdom come? The number of puffs it takes to blow all the seeds off the stem tells the time. It is now precisely 27 o’clock!  (That last seed just didn’t want to budge!) Hmm, time for tea!