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Tea and Peacocks

Tea Time

Sitting out under the trees

On an overcast day

Enjoying tea and scones

Peacocks 1

You can’t get much closer to Nature

Than the accompaniment of

The plaintive cries of Peacocks

Peacocks 2

As they scramble about

On the thatched rooves opposite

Squabbling over who gets the girls

Peacock 3

Even when not displaying to his ladies

The male is magnificent

Iridescent light on a dismal day



Tea for Two

Tea for Two

Tea for Two

Now that’s what I call civilised!

An old friend phoned me out of the blue yesterday. I’ve only seen her once this year, so I dropped everything (who wants to do chores anyway!!) and met her for tea at a wine farm.

We all need time out now and then.

post script: The answer to yesterday’s pop quiz: slower than molasses in winter – This is a quote from the movie “The Warrior’s Way” 2010, starring Jang Dong Gun, Kate Bosworth and Geoffrey Rush. Little by little I shall educate my followers in movie trivia!

Don’t Change the World!

As a Taurean, I resist change, even though I understand it is inevitable. But why I have to ask, is it often change just for the sake of it and not always for the better?

Take my favourite coffee shops for example. Three have shut down recently. Two have already been replaced, one with a generic cafe, and the other with another pretentious offering.

Being hypoglycaemic, apart from carrying a protein bar in my bag, I always know how far I am, at any given moment, from sustenance. So it was a bit of a blow the other week, to find this last coffee shop closed. I had to find somewhere else to eat pronto.

Last week, however, I found a new enterprise up and running. I’ll give most things a go; once anyway. So I sat down and looked at the menu. As I suspected. You couldn’t get a simple ‘chicken mayo on white’; it had to have rocket and caramelised onions, and fancy bread. Event the french toast I used to order was now on sweet bread. And of course the prices had risen.

The decor was simple with white tables and chairs, even if the legs were fancy; wooden and slanting out at an angle. On the table instead of simple salt and pepper shakers, they had Atlantic Sea Salt, and Extra Bold Peppercorns. So many adjectives are over-used these days. As if sea salt is better than plain salt, and Atlantic sea salt is better than any other sea salt! As for the pepper corns, why are they so bold? Do they address you without an introduction? Do they call you by your first name when you barely know them?

Well, I ordered a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich on white bread. This wasn’t on the menu, but often if you ask, restaurants will oblige. When it arrived the cheese was hardly melted at all and the bread was really hard toast. No, I mean really hard. It was the crunchiest toast I have ever eaten. Also, they had put pepper on the cheese – oh sorry! Extra bold peppercorns! So it was a bit too ‘hot’ for me. Still, it was plain food and quite edible.

The tea was as good as usual, but the cup was now square, with a circular inner, and really heavy! And it cost me R8 more than the other week, for the same tea – albeit in a different cup!

Still, I’ll eat there again, when my timing is off and I need food; for two reasons. Firstly, the new owners had employed all of the old staff; and secondly, it is still better than the other options, which are full of lots of people talking really loudly. (No-one cares what you are saying, least of all, I suspect, the person sitting with you!)

And what about my coffee coaster sayings? There was no coaster!

Sunday Musings #4

Seen on a sugar packet –

“Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.” – Cherokee Indian proverb.

I’ve not had coffee out much lately; at least not with a paper coffee coaster quote. Hence the above, which is the best of a bad lot of ‘sugar packet sayings’. (I quite like it really.) I usually drink tea when I’m out at a cafe, because I am very fussy about how I take my coffee, and tea I could care less; especially if I throw in enough sugar!

Usually, I find that ‘sugar packet sayings’ are blatantly obvious. For example, sayings such as – “If you place one foot in front of the other you will find you have led yourself up the garden path!” OK that isn’t really one – but maybe it should be!

post script: OK – so it’s really Saturday – but I woke up with a migraine this morning, and the post I planned for today needs too much work – so here is tomorrow’s – a day early!