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The Birds!

The Birds

The Birds

Watch out! The Birds are coming!

Once in a while, red-winged starlings congregate in my neighbour’s tree.¬†You know they are there without looking, because of all the noise they make!

And you can just about make out the ‘red’ on the outstretched wings of the one flying off at the top left.


Alfred Hitchcock directed the scary movie ‘The Birds’ in 1963.¬†Shortly after watching this movie as a 16 year old*, I was alone in the house, when I heard a funny tapping noise near the back door.

I went to investigate and saw, through the glass panels of the door, the dark shape of many large birds pecking away on the step!

I got such a fright!

It took me a while to realise that the dog’s food bowl was on the top step and several birds had come down to eat up the scraps. The sound of their beaks pecking on the tin bowl was what I had heard.

Still, it really did give me a fright! Just shows what your imagination can do.


post script: No, I wasn’t 16 in 1963! Cheek! I watched the movie on TV long after it was made!