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Time for Tea

Tea Time

Take a break in your busy day.

Have a cup of tea under the trees at your local vineyard.


On the way home, stop to admire the view of distant mountains;

And grape vines just starting to show their lime green leaves.

Dream of all the proto-wine in the making.



All Roads Lead To . . .


. . . Elephant’s Eye Cave!

The grapes have been harvested for the next vintage of wine and these rows stand empty in the vineyard, as the leaves slowly turn to orange.

I thought those if you in the Northern hemisphere awaiting your Spring, might like to see a typical Autumn’s day here in Cape Town.

The mountain in the background looks like an elephant lying down, with its head on the left. The cave is in the position its eye would be; hence the name Elephant’s Eye cave.


Sun Kissed

Sunlight Through Vines 1

Sunlight filtering through grape vines, as they just begin to change colour at the end of a very long, hot, dry summer. This is an untouched photo.

Sunlight Through Vines 2

I love how the light shines through, illuminating each leaf;

Sunlight Through Vines 3

Giving the scene an abstract look.

Sunlight Through Vines 4

And did you spot little Sparky the squirrel? He was the whole reason I took the photos in the first place! He is in every photo above.

I had parked in the shade and when I got out of the car I heard a rustling sound. On looking up I noticed movement.

Little Sparky, it seems, was watching me just as much as I was watching him!


Dust Devil

Vineyard 1

Vineyard 1

Sitting in the shade of a massive tree with my friend, overlooking the rose garden and vineyards, I noticed dust clouds billowing in the distance.


Vineyard 2

Vineyard 2

At first all I could see was the dust cloud, but then I became aware of a tiny object moving in front of the dust; it was a tractor.

Nothing epitomises the lack of rain more than watching this tiny machine drive up and down the narrow pathways between rows of grape vines, engulfed in dust clouds.

Vineyard 3

Vineyard 3

It was not spraying crops. The clouds are red dust.

The wind easily picks up the red dust that used to be earth, swirls it around in a Dust Devil and spreads it to the four corners of the universe, never to be seen here again.

We need rain.

How else is this crop of grapes going to survive well enough to become tomorrow’s wine?


Cape Town Rules OK!

Cape Vineyards 1

Cape Vineyards 1

Seriously, if you lived here, would you ever want to move?

Cape Vineyards 2

Cape Vineyards 2

I haven’t cropped my photos, because I want you to experience the fields of potential wine, distant mountains and clear, blue skies.

Cape Vineyards 3

Cape Vineyards 3

Oops, this photo appears to be sloping.

OK! I’d had a glass of champagne, remember?



Drive By Shooting!



Vineyard and mountain photograph taken through the car window while driving. (I am the passenger!)

You can see part of the window in the bottom left of the shot; it blends in well as it is at the same angle as the rows of vines.



You can get some pretty good pictures this way.

Of course, these shots are taken with my trusty old Point and Click Canon.


post script: I got the idea for my Drive By Shooting from dizzylizzie72, who often takes beautiful photos this way.


I Got Bunches!

Bunches of Grapes

Bunches of Grapes

Hanepoot grapes ripening in the afternoon sun.

It was difficult to take the photo as the grapes hang high above me on their trellis, and are mostly hidden by the large vine leaves.

Planted many years ago, six little cuttings struggled to get a root hold in the ground. One fell by the wayside when it had to be dug up to make room for the automatic security gate. The other five have flourished, and produce much needed shade throughout the summer months.

Year after year these vines produce copious amounts of the sweet white Hanepoot grapes, providing a feast for birds, mostly starlings.

Do I make my own wine you ask? Nope. Far easier to potter down to the local shops and pick up any number of excellent South African wines, for R35!  (3 US dollars, 2 pounds.)

post script: The title is for DD.