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Viola in pot

Haiku 245

Hang in there my dear!

Had too much of a good thing?

I’ll save you *now now!


It’s not unusual to have rain at this time of the year here in Cape Town. It is winter and the rainy season (such as that is) after all.

But instead of a few days here and there with a little light rain, we have been having nothing for weeks on end – and then a deluge!

In March, it was totally dry until we got all the average rainfall for the month, in one day! This pattern has continued.

Fortunately, we don’t get floods in my area, though many places in CT do.

Still, as you can see from this little pot, the other day it got more rain than it could cope with, and the Viola was gasping for air!

The pot doesn’t have a drainage hole at the bottom, so I had put stones in and then planted the viola in an old plastic pot that does drain, and placed that on top. Mostly the system works very well.

But hey – Deluge!


post script: * “now now” is a commonly used South African expression, meaning at once. There is also “just now”, which means in a moment, later. These are direct translations of the Afrikaans expressions and used in South African English. For further explanations, try here.

post post script: This is not the post I had planned for today, but, with an unerring sense of perfect timing, I returned to Blogging just as we went back into Loadshedding. Today’s power cut is for two and a half hours before lunch, so no time for a post with many photos that need editing!

post post post script: I really wanted to title this post “Drownded”, just for fun, but thought it might be too daft. On looking the word up, I find it is a real word.

Drownd is an archaic form of drown, and drownded an archaic form of drowned. 

So, daft it is!