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Cheers Y’All!


Haiku 203

To drink or not drink

That is the burning question

Apparently not!



We had a severe Lockdown at the start of the Corona pandemic in March, here in South Africa. At Level 5 we were not allowed out to exercise and many things were not for sale; including alcohol.

Level 4 provided some easement of the restrictions and we were allowed to exercise between 6 am and 9 am. Still no alcohol.

Finally Level 3 arrived on 1st June, bringing further easing; more freedom to exercise and more things for sale. Alcohol was permitted again. Hooray!

We quickly replenished our stocks of alcohol and relaxed a bit.

As can be seen from the photo above, I went a little overboard with my vodka purchase, but I can explain!

Obviously, there were long queues outside the booze shops once alcohol was on sale again, so I waited a few days before going. As I queued for my turn to enter the shop I saw notices stating there were limits on what you could buy. I selected a few bottles of whiskey for my husband and then went looking for my vodka. The shelf was bare! But I did find one plastic bottle right at the back, so put that in my basket.

Heading for the check out, I suddenly came across a shelf stacked full of glass bottles of Smirnoff vodka. Yay! I asked a shop assistant how many bottles of spirits I could take. She said, “You can have one!” I looked at the three whiskeys in my basket already and repeated to her, “I can only have one?”

“No,” she said, “You can have what you want!” Honestly, no-one can hear a thing anyone says in masks!!

And that’s how I ended up with so many!!

Just as well I over-stocked as it turns out, because –

Without warning, alcohol was banned again last Sunday night. There was no chance to stock up.

Now we are back to eking out our supplies until it’s legal again.

Other measures were also put in place, such as a curfew again, between 9 pm and 4 am. Taxis (most of ours are mini buses holding many people, which function as buses) can now run at 100% capacity for short distances and 70% for long distances. They are going on the theory that you can sit in a confined space for a short time and not catch the virus! Also gatherings of up to 49 people are now allowed for religious practices, and – get this – casinos!

So we can go gambling, but we’re still not allowed to see family members.

Why all the ups and downs with alcohol?

Some people abuse alcohol, causing an increase in drunk-related casualties and violence. The hospitals become overrun with alcohol-related cases, taking up doctors’ time and beds that could have been used for Corona cases. Sad but true.

So the majority of us have to do without our sun-downers, because of the irresponsible behaviour of a few.

Our severe Lockdown measures at the start of Corona in SA curbed the spread, giving us time to build extra hospitals and make other preparations for dealing with the pandemic.

Now, however, the numbers are rising at an alarming rate, despite all the mandatory wearing of masks and hand sanitizing. There are just too many people living in densely populated areas.

Today’s Corona Stats for South Africa –

Confirmed cases: 324221; Recovered: 165591; Deaths: 4669

Still, the death rate in SA is quite low compared to other countries. For example, though our total number of cases has now exceeded that of the UK, our death rate is only 10% of theirs, and we have the same number of total cases as Mexico, but only 12.5% of their deaths.

Also, because misery likes company, we are now having power cuts again! Of course we are. It is mid-winter, the Cape has just been battered by violent storms and there is snow on the mountains. Why would you need electricity to make a cuppa?

The power cuts are scheduled, so at least you know what time you’ll have yours. It is called Load shedding and naturally we have levels for that too.

But you may as well laugh about it all, as South Africans are wont to do. We are at Level 3 Lockdown and there’s a meme where our President says, “My fellow South Africans, we are going to Stage 2 . . . of Load shedding!”

And another meme which says, “I can’t believe it’s Load shedding season already. I still have my Covid-19 decorations up!”

However, like the rest of you, I’m fed up of 2020 already!


Vodka Day

Vodka Day LM 1

One for the road?

Looks to me like Little Monkey has had one too many already!

Vodka Day LM 2

I can’t believe I missed National Vodka Day this year (it was the 4th). I had a lot going on, but still that’s no excuse.

Vodka Day LM 3

And I must praise Little Monkey here. Sometimes I think I take her good behaviour for granted. She was snoozing on her mat, so I thought it was a good opportunity to snap a Vodka shot. However, as I arranged the bottles and glass near her, she raised herself up on her front legs to see what was going on.

I gently pushed her back down, but as I stepped back to take a shot, she half sat up. I settled her down again and got my photo. Then I trotted into the kitchen with her to give her a treat.

It was only afterwards that I thought, “Hey, she did all that for me, with no treats. Pretty good for a Mutt!”



Sunday Musings #145

Alcohol kills brain cells slowly, but that never bothered me because I’m not in a hurry.

– Unknown


Actually I think that a little of what you fancy, in moderation, does you more good than harm.

As to killing brain cells, the general anaesthetic I had over 10 years ago destroyed more of my brain than all of the vodka I’ve drunk my entire life!

I was stupid for at least a year; couldn’t remember things; couldn’t solve my crosswords; and was exhausted all the time.

So the next time I need an operation, to do less harm, I think I’ll ask them to knock me out the old fashioned way, with a bottle of vodka!


Is It 5 pm Yet?

Cheers 1

What would Friday night be without a little celebration for making it through another week? I usually have a vodka on the rocks with TAB (diet coke).

Surely it’s got to be 5 pm somewhere!!



Cheers 2

What are the photos? I’m raising my glass and you can see the lounge lights shining through.

It would appear my glass is empty. Time for a refill!

What’s your favourite tipple?


National Vodka Day



I drank so much vodka last night that this morning I woke up with a Russian accent.     – Anon

It’s National Vodka Day! If you’ve visited my blog lately you’ll have noticed a cheery countdown to this very special day.

I’d like to thank Pyotr Smirnov for helping me through all the tough times over the years!


I recently told a friend that I’d drunk a whole bottle of vodka in a month.

She said, “A month??”

I’m thinking oopsie.

She added, “What’s wrong with that?”

I love my friends!



post script: Click here for more information on National Vodka Day  and my personal favourite brand of vodka, Smirnoff.


You can Bank on it!

Bank on it!

Bank on it!

I had some banking to do this morning, which I had been putting off, because, let’s face it – who really wants to spend any time at all in the bank?

Things have changed a lot at our banks lately. There used to be the double-door closed system, where you waited for the green light, all the while hoping you were not stuck in there for eternity. Now, there is no security at all, as you wander in through revolving doors, or worse, a large open space. The bank may think this makes it all pally pally, but what I see is an open invitation to bank robbers wielding AK-47’s to come right on in and spray me full of holes!

The first thing that greets you is the Information Desk; only now it is the Hello Desk. This is weird. South African’s rarely actually say “hello”. What they usually say is “Hi.” No – not like that! Start as if you are going to say Haa, then make it into Haaiii and you’ll approximate the SA accent!

I laugh because you are saying it out loud and your workmates wonder if you have finally lost it!

So, I join the queue for Enquiries; only it isn’t called that any more. Now it is the Service Bar! Oooh, methinks, things are looking up. At this point the guy in front of me turns round in boredom to see how many people are behind him, and I tell him my thought. But before I do, I suss up his general disposition; since it is a well known fact that most people leave their sense of humour at the door when they enter a bank. He looks OK, so I say to him, “I’ve just noticed it says Service Bar over there.” Point in direction. As he sees it I add, “I think I’ll have a vodka!”

He laughs (I judged right) but then we are left in that awkward situation of having shared a bit of a laugh, and now being stuck in the queue for who knows how long, without much else to talk about.

Fortunately, his turn comes soon, and mine soon after. All business transacted, I decide I need a reward; I have survived the bank!! So I treat myself to a latte and cookie at the local Seattle coffee shop.



And if you have to ask why there is a large bite out of the cookie, I can only assume you are a man!