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WordPress Ads

Dianthus Raindrops 1

I apologise for all the Adverts you might be seeing these days in my blog posts or WordPress emails.

This has absolutely nothing to do with me!

My site is not monetised and I make nothing from these extremely annoying in-your-face adverts.

I take care when writing a post to place my photos and text carefully, so it is easy to read and makes sense. WordPress sticks its Ads in wherever it feels like, completely messing up my layout and leaving stray bits of text wandering free!

WordPress has been nagging me, again, to upgrade to a paid domain. I ignore all their many emails. I have noticed in the past that when they pester me like this and I don’t upgrade, they increase the amount of adverts on my poor little blog, as a kind of “Look what we can do! If you want your Blog to be Ad-free, then BUY BUY BUY!”

My blog is tiny. I write just for fun. The whole point was that it was free!

So, again I apologise for all the annoying Ads. But I guess WordPress must make its money somehow; if not a paid account, then adverts!


I’m Two!

Blog Anniversary

Blog Anniversary

Who knew!

Time flies when you’re having fun!

I’ve recently written a fairly soppy “Thank you” post, so you can read that if you want to know how I feel about my Blogging friends: Sunday Musings #57.

But just to reiterate; thank you to everyone who has followed me all this time and who continues to support me and offer words of wisdom and sarcastic comments. I appreciate them all!

I thoroughly enjoy following all your blogs too.

And yes, I realise that this is simply a computer-generated message, and the actual people at WP have no idea I exist, but still; two years of posting every day apart from a few holidays; that’s quite an achievement!

I’ll take any trophy they offer, generic or otherwise!


I Am 500

Take 500 seconds out of your day and listen to this heavenly music.


Well I made it to 500 posts.

Thank you to all my supporters; everyone who has followed, liked and commented on my blog.

The WordPress community is awesome!


post script: This version of Ave Maria is written by Michal Lorenc and sung by Olga Szyrowa. I really love it. 

post post script: For the one person who is counting, yes, the clip is only 456 seconds long, but I figure you’ll take 44 seconds to read my post!



Blog Views

Blog Views

It’s no secret that I love numbers. Here’s one I had been watching for a while. Unbelievably, I caught it exactly right!

19, 999 views.

Yay! There is even a glass of champagne to celebrate!

Actually, it’s quite an achievement, since a lot of my visitors do not “count”. However, I did not receive a Trophy  when I hit 20,000: views really don’t seem to count after all.

And you may think that 20,000 is the number to look for, but don’t you think that 19,999 is so much more interesting? At first I thought it might be a prime number; but sadly not, since it is divisible by 7.

While I’m on about numbers, I’d just like to thank that unsung hero Akismet, for protecting my little blog from no less than 2985 spam comments to date.

I cannot imagine how awful our WP world would be if we all had to trawl through this amount of unwanted drivel on a daily basis.


Just As I Suspected!

Blog Stats

Blog Stats

Do you see that?

I am not bragging about how many views I suddenly seemed to get the other day, (because this is dismal compared to most of you), but rather I’m pointing out that the number of hourly views on my blog, on average, is ZERO!


No-one reads my posts!

Well, I know this is not true, because I have some very faithful followers, who will like a post out of support, even when they do not understand my sense of humour. And we have had this discussion many times before, about how WP does not seem to count all the views.

Still, I thought that no views, on average, was hilarious!


I Will Follow You

Or Not!

Before I went on my overseas trip in June, I noticed that my followers were stuck at a certain number; I think it was 441. Then they decreased, then back to that number, decreased again etc It seemed I was never going to get to 442.

It is happening  again. Despite getting about 6 or 7 new followers in the past week, (hard to count, as I receive an email telling me I have a new follower, but then they often do not appear in the Notifcations) my number of followers has gone down from 452 to 451, instead of up to around 458.

Now, you’ll point out that people stop following you, or stop blogging altogether. Yes, I know, but in the past, they have still been counted as following. I can look back on some of my earliest followers, who have actually deleted their blog, and they are still shown as following me.

I also find that people I have been following quite happily for some time now, I am suddenly no longer following. So if you see me pop up as following you again; that is why.

So what’s going on?

I think I have to just let it go. In fact, I’m pretty proud of myself! I have removed the number next to my ‘follow this blog’ bar on my blog, so I can’t see it any more. Out of sight, out of mind.

And have you looked at your Trophy Case lately, to gloat over your achievements?
Oh wait! You can’t any more, because it’s gone!

Where is the Trophy Case?

Yes, WP decided to remove it earlier this year, without any notice (that I am aware of). Although your trophies will still pop up in your Notifications as you get them, but I’ve a long time to wait before I get any more. And to be honest, I had not visited my Trophy Case for months anyway.

But I had been looking forward to reaching 15,000 views and 400 posts, and maybe at the same time achieving 500 followers, since these sorts of milestones (in my blogging life) had gone together in the past. It’s not going to happen now, since my followers are stuck in limbo.

Pity, because I love numbers, you know! I drive my daughter nuts by pointing out all the permutations on the odometer in my car. (It has just reached 6789!)


News Flash!  WP has increased the font weight in the WP Reader, so the text is not so grey on grey any more, and is now easier to read. Thank you very much to Rachel M who drew the attention of our complaints to the relevant WP team members, and to them for fixing it. Yay!


What’s Wrong with the WP Reader

Honey suckle 1

Honey suckle 1

Heads up – Rant follows. Should you wish to avoid it, you can skip straight to the like button!!

This post will take 5 1/2 minutes to read. GO! I’m timing you!


Display, Font size and Brightness. I can’t see this!

The new Reader is virtually illegible. The print is so faint on a bright background that it really strains your eyes to try to read it. Adjusting the brightness on your laptop or tilting the screen makes little difference and your only option is to increase your zoom in an attempt to read this faint smudge.

I read most of my follower’s posts in the Reader, because my internet is rubbish and so slow that I usually cannot load the original blog. (But I will visit your blogs from time to time and keep up with how your posts are actually supposed to be.)

I waited a while after the new Reader first appeared, to see what other people were saying and if anything would be done about this particular problem. When I realised nothing was going to happen, I commented.

Scifi The writing in the new Reader is harder to read as it appears grey rather than black on a very bright background. I don’t know if the font has changed also?

A day and a half later I received this reply.

WP – Yes, the font has changed.

So, not addressed my problem at all.

I wrote again.

Scifi – It is really difficult to read this print, as it is so pale. I am not alone in this. Please can you choose a clearer option? Titling my laptop screen or altering the brightness does not help. I have increased the zoom, but it is still very tiring trying to read posts in my Reader now. Otherwise, the speed has definitely increased, so thank you for that 🙂

This time I received no answer at all, though, eventually, my comment was approved and the reason I knew this, was that someone else had liked my comment.

I see Tom commented twice also and he fared better in receiving a reply both times. However, they basically told him that this is the new Reader, get used to it, because we are not going to change it.

Someone complained that the selection of ‘Posts you may like’ had disappeared. The response was, “Yes it’s gone. Did you use it often?” (She/he did.) If WP communicated with us they would know this before they started changing everything.

Many people commented unfavourably on the new Reader, but I do not see their complaints addressed – as yet. They complained that all posts look generically the same now, photos do not appear to their best advantage, poetry is not presented in the way it was carefully written, but in one long jumble of words, (see my Haiku post Swan yesterday. It made no sense whatsoever the way it appeared in the Reader!) and other things.



Now there is a tiny one line comment box when you try to comment from the Reader. The send button is at the right hand side next to the up/down arrows. As you use these arrows to try to read your comment one line at a time to check for typos, you are always accidentally pressing ‘send’ long before you are ready!

Now, after complaints (Doh!) there is a little feature on the bottom RHS of the comment box, which you have to click and drag to expand the box. Yet more clicking.


Featured image

Now you have to set a featured image to make sure that the first photo shown in the WP Reader is the one you intended, when you placed it first in your post! More clicks and time wasting here!
In the old Reader, the photo that appeared in the Reader was the first one you placed in your post. As people have pointed out, it spoils the whole effect you have worked for in your post, by building up to the final photo, only to see it flaunted there in the Reader!

Like most other bloggers, I take a great deal of time making my post the best I can and that means deciding which photo to place where to illustrate the story I am unfolding.

Further to this, I find that having set this featured image, when I now go to my actual blog, this image is shown at the start of the post – and then again in the post. How daft is that?


Like Button

I am not 5 years old. I do not need to see the like button flash and cavort before settling down, lit in orange to indicate that I have liked a post! And why are the number of likes no longer indicated, but the comments are?

I always noted the likes on other peoples blogs. Sometimes when browsing through new blog topics in the Reader I’d see a post with over a hundred likes and go check it out. Likewise, I’d notice what I thought was a good post with no likes and also go check it out and offer some support and encouragement to a new blogger.

Surely if you can make something dance and flash you can get rid of the word ‘like’ and replace it with a number?



Apparently this is the little picture you set up so people know it is you. With the old Reader, my Avatar or Gravatar showed perfectly well. Now, along with just about everyone else’s, it became the generic blue and white world circle sign in a square. If you want your Avatar picture to show there now, you have to do the following :-

Click on this link and follow the instructions. Blavatar

Basically go to your Admin (the old Dashboard may it RIP) and



RHS is Blavatar –

Upload your image

Crop to size,



What I have to say to WP

I appreciate that the WP system needs overhauling and updating now and then. But before changing something so important as the Reader (and before that the Notifications) and implementing your own ideas, why do you not ask us, the bloggers what we want?

Ask us our experiences before you go ahead and change everything.

You could find out what we like or don’t like about the current Reader and what we’d like to see or not see in the new Reader. If, by this involvement of the WP community, there was a consensus to make the print faint and unreadable in the new Reader, then I would have to bow to the majority, who would apparently have 20/10 vision, and accept the changes.

While we’re on the subject of asking our opinion, why not have a survey and find out who actually uses WP?

Ask about age groups: are bloggers eg 30 to 40, 40 to 50 etc. I would be interested to find out the average age, as I suspect that many youngsters would prefer fb, twitter and/or Instagram.

Also find out how often they post and what they post: photos mostly, writing, combination. What do they use: laptop, iPad, phone?

And yes, I know I get all this for free, but how does WP make its money from people like me? Well, I assume by the adverts.

And if we, the bloggers, get fed up and stop blogging (I am seriously considering this: I am tired of squinting and tilting my laptop) there will be nowhere for the advertisers to place their ads, and you WP will lose your income.

So, do I think that all my grumbling will make one jot of difference? Nope; since ‘speaking’ to WP directly did not work.

But I feel better for venting!


Disclaimer This is my own personal rant and probably has as much to do with my annoyance at the ‘younger-instant-gratification-click-generation’ that runs (ruins) our internet experiences, as anything else. Yes, I have Windows 8!

post script: I do not just vent indiscriminately. I have edited this post 19 (make that 22) times over a period of 5 days.

A Letter to WordPress

Red Red Rose

Red Red Rose

When my kids were young I read a few books on parenting and psychology. There I learnt that you are supposed to praise your child nine times for every one time you tell them off!

No-one does this; but I started making an effort. Instead of just taking it for granted that they would sit quietly reading a book, for example, I started saying, “You’re sitting there very quietly. Well done!” Or, “Thank you for helping me take the dishes out.” It definitely made a difference to the child; instead of only being reprimanded; to also be praised.

I do this to my dogs now, especially Little Monkey, oh she of little brain. I have taught her not to come charging into the house like a whirlwind, but rather to enter calmly and sit down on her mat straight away. Even after eight years, I still praise her when she does this, and say, “On your mat! Good girl!”

In similar vein, I have to say to Word.press, “Well done!” It seems you have listened to us; the bloggers.

I have noticed that your new Stats page is no longer one long scroll down, but the information is now presented side by side.

I have noticed that you have added a lot more information to the stats, to make it more in line with the old stats page.

I have noticed further, that your new notifications, that got such a bad rap when launched, has improved ten fold. It now indicates when we have replied to a comment, and more recently, a bar has appeared at the top that we can click on to select individually: “All, Unread, Follows, Comments and Likes.”

Since I have complained in the past about things on Word.press, it is only fair that I also now praise WP for a job well done. Thank You. Three Cheers for WP.

And it still costs me nothing!



Houston – We have a Problem!

There’s a glitch in the matrix! My follower count has got stuck at 120. When a new blogger follows me, one of my first followers is deleted. I have posted a question in the word.press forum, but no-one is reading it, or replying to it. It’s been 2 days now.

I have become rather attached to my little group of followers, though I am well aware that 90% of them do not actually follow me! I still follow the first person to like one of my posts and follow my blog; even though I know she only did it so I would follow her and she could reach her goal of 10,000 followers. I know she has never again visited my site, and probably promptly un-followed me as soon as I followed her. It doesn’t matter. I enjoy reading her posts every day, and commenting now and then. It is my choice to follow her. And I do follow blogs I enjoy, whether they reciprocate or not. It isn’t all about the numbers to me. I’d rather have a few friends who drop by now and then and have a chat, than 10,000 faceless followers with whom it is obviously impossible to keep in contact. (Which is just as well, really 😉 )

So, what about my technical difficulties? This post started out yesterday as a cry for help, but in the meantime I have since sorted it out by myself! (I know – gasp!!) I re-read stuff and saw they said to clear your browser cache and cookies. I hadn’t bothered with this before, because one: I have been blogging such a short time, how much baggage could I have acquired? and two: when I looked on line, previous bloggers with my problem had to get help from tech support.

Well, I figured nothing ventured, nothing gained and set about following their step by step instructions to delete my browser cache. (Note: They do say Not to delete your word.press cookies or your laptop will implode.)

Et Voila! My followers are all back; all 125 of them.

So then I un-subscribed from my support forums, where no-one was helping me anyway. It is as usual – if you want something done, do it yourself!

Being scifihammy, I wanted to know why this works. Apparently, your computer stores your blog info in a cache and then goes looking for it there, instead of online where it is up to date. So you end up with old info, or glitches, like I got.

post script: If you read this and shook your head at my ineptitude, that’s OK. I never claimed to be a computer whiz. I danced when I sussed out how to add photos to my posts! But I am willing to learn. And, just occasionally, I amaze my family with something I know that they don’t. So it’s all good.