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Tie a Yellow Ribbon

Have you heard about the Yellow Dog Project? I hadn’t until recently.

Apparently, if you have an anxious dog, unsocialised dog, one in training, grumpy old man etc, and you tie a yellow ribbon round the lead, it indicates to people you meet on your walks that you are asking them to give you and your dog space.

What a marvellous idea! If you have been following my posts, you will know about *Little Monkey; anxious, unsocialised as a youngster, needing time and plenty of space to deal with other unbalanced or over-friendly dogs.

I think I will tie a HUNDRED yellow ribbons round the old oak tree – oh, I mean lead!

*The relevant Little Monkey posts: Flight or Freak – or save us from the over-friendly retrievers; Curiouser; The Idiot by any other name.

Here are a few links about the yellow ribbon project, if you are interested: