Poetry in Motion?

Hadedah 1

Hadeda 1

Galaxy 5

The fun thing about photos from my phone is that I can play around with them.

This is a little animation I made on Google Photos, from several of my photos joined together as a GIF.

If it plays for you, you might notice just how windy it was, not only to ruffle the feathers of this large hadeda, but also to sway the branches of the trees so much. No wonder the bird lost his balance!

Poetry in motion? Perhaps not!


If the GIF doesn’t play for you, there’s a static photo below, so you can at least see the hadeda.

Hadeda 2

Hadeda 2

This is the fifth in my series of Galaxy camera phone photos.



18 thoughts on “Poetry in Motion?

    1. scifihammy Post author

      They are big! I love them as they’ve been eating bugs in my lawn. 🙂
      Also, we have wind for months on end, so everyone’s used to it. Many birds use my fence as a sort of half way post – check if the coast is clear . . . if LM is about etc. 🙂

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