Sunday Musings #175

I’m not lazy. I’m just on my energy saving mode.

– Unknown


Hmmm. Seems like I am permanently on my energy saving mode these days!



Lady Sunbird

Female Lesser Double-Collared Sunbird 1

Lately we have had many visits from the lovely Lesser Double-Collared Sunbirds, since planting more honeysuckle around the garden.

The other day my husband told me there was a sunbird on the plants on the stoep. I grabbed my trusty Canon and took a few shots before it flew off.

Female Lesser Double-Collared Sunbird 2

I apologise for the poor quality of the photos. It was very much a point and click exercise in the hope I caught something; as you can see from the last photo below.

Yes, the little bird is in there!

Female Lesser Double-Collared Sunbird 3

Looking at my photos later I realised it was a female sunbird.

The funny thing is, both my husband and I were sure it was the male sunbird that we saw, with his bright green iridescent plumage, not the female, with her drab grey-brown.

I scanned my photos carefully, but there was no sign of a male anywhere; only the female.

Just shows how the eye and the mind can play tricks on you!


Buried Treasure

Sparky the Squirrel 1

Ahoy there, me Hearties! Cap’n Sparky here.

I’m just burying me Treasure in this ‘ere pot.

Sparky the Squirrel 2

I’ll bury it nice and deep so it’ll be safe under this spiky plant until I’ll be needing it again. 


I’m sure Sparky’s treasure will be safe there in my pot. I’m just worried about my poor Asparagus fern; since Sparky was really digging down deep into the roots!


Sunday Musings #174

“It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game,” according to the losers and their parents.

– Unknown


While I think this quote is amusing, it does have a grain of truth!

I have three older siblings and growing up there was no way I could ever win any game we kids played.

Playing chess or any card game with my Dad or older brother was always an exercise in patience for me. They took so long to move a chess piece that I’d play kamikaze chess just to finish the game! (ie deliberately kill myself as quickly as possible just to end this!)

So, yes, I had to learn to enjoy playing the game, because I was never ever going to win.

Gondolier 1

I never won physical things at school either, because I was young in the year and on the small side.

That is why I clearly remember my school sports day when I was eight years old.

The girls in our year ran what they quaintly called “The 80 Yard Dash”. We all lined up at the start and off we went.

I remember my little feet pounding down the grass lane while my glasses bounced up and down on my nose, making the field in front of me dance around too.

My friend W was to the left of me. Tall and swift she soon outstripped me and was in the lead, but I kept on running for all I was worth.

I saw W reach the white tape at the end of the race. Then she simply stopped! All the parents at the side of the track were shouting at W to cross the tape!

My little feet still pounding away, I caught up. I had no such hesitation at the tape and ran straight through it. I was first!

W suddenly realised what all the parents were shouting at her, did a quick skip, and crossed the line second.

I went up to W after the race and said that it wasn’t fair. Obviously she had won the race; she was at the finish line way before me. W was a lovely girl and just said that yes it was fair, as she should have had the sense to cross the line. I did, so I won.

Gondolier 2

At the end of sports day they handed out the prizes. I won a plastic gondola with tiny gondolier. (Since I don’t have the gondola handy, I stuck my little gondolier onto this dish with some prestik.)

I cherished this prize for years. The gondolier’s lost his pole and the gondola, I think, is in the top of my wardrobe; but when I came across the little man the other day, he still brought back all those memories.

I am sure W went on to win many other races. (I don’t know because we moved and I never saw her again.)

As for me; that was the only race I ever won my entire life. Even though I felt I won by default, it still meant a lot to me: enough to keep the tiny gondolier all these years!


Milky Way Galaxy

Milky Way Galaxy Clouds 1

Haiku 111

A myriad stars

Spilt across the sky like milk

Our own Galaxy



I saw this weird cloud array the other day.

It looks like the Milky Way Galaxy, up there in the daytime sky.

Milky Way Galaxy Clouds 2

Wistful clouds for wistful thoughts.

I love sky-watching; day or night.

I have witnessed numerous lunar and solar eclipses. I have stood outside on my stoep at 4 am and watched Halley’s Comet pass by. It’s unlikely I’ll see it again, in 2061!

But I particularly love gazing into the deep space of a starry night sky, when the air is cool and the bustling daytime sounds quieten down.

And I wonder what is really out there?

I always have.


post script: Here’s some info on the Milky Way Galaxy. And this is a cool scientific animation Travelling from Earth out to the Milky Way and beyond to the edges of the Universe.

post post script: For my American readers; spilt is your spilled. I know you don’t use spilt, because auto-correct keeps highlighting it in red in my text!


All That Glitters

Raindrops 1

Haiku 110

Nature’s reminder

All that glitters is not gold

Sometimes it’s better!


Raindrops 2

We had a little rain recently. My plants rejoiced.

Raindrops 3

Cape Town still has harsh water restrictions, even though the dams are 46% full, which is a huge improvement on last year’s 20%.

However, it has hardly rained so far this year. This is our rainy season and will be over in a few more months.

Raindrops 4

Let’s hope we get some good downpours of this precious substance, which in the photo above looks like quicksilver.