Catch a Falling Star!

Catch the Moon

Catch a falling star

And put it in your pocket

Save it for a rainy day


The large fir tree in my garden delicately balances the Moon on one outstretched finger.

Yes, I know the Moon is not a star and though I did find a song called Catch the Moon, I’d never heard of it before, and I doubt anyone else has either. So, poetic licence, Catch a Falling Star it is!

And for those of you with good memories, yes I did have a similar post, nine months ago. I would have put a link to it here, but then I find I get a lot of spam.

post script: Catch a Falling Star was written by Paul Vance and Lee Pockriss. It was released in 1957 and famously sung by Perry Como.



Wait Till the Cows Come Home

Cows 1

What a treat it was that the cows came in to be milked, while my sister and I were having lunch at the farm in Yorkshire.

Cows 2

There was a large pile of hay in one corner.

Cows 3

Many of the cows made straight for it and rubbed their faces in it!

Cows 4

It was quite an odd thing to see!

Cows 5

They had walked from a field up in the distance and travelled down the road to this field.

Cows 6

When we left we had to wait for the last of them to arrive.



It reminded me of one of my childhood memories, when visiting a farmer friend of my parents in the heart of the Cheshire countryside.

I remember driving down those narrow country lanes, with very high hedgerows and not enough room for two cars to pass without one squeezing into the hedge!

We were brought to a sudden standstill when we came upon a herd of cows ambling along in the middle of the road on their way back to the farm to be milked.

As youngsters we just wanted to get there. We had yet to learn patience. Cows waddling at their leisure down a country lane will teach you that patience. In the end you simply have to sit back and enjoy the scene.

And when you are older, you will look back and appreciate just how lucky you were to witness it.

Wait till the cows come home indeed!


Making New Friends

Sparky 1

Hello there!

We were enjoying afternoon tea and scones outside at the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens, when Sparky the Squirrel came to join us.

Sparky 2

There I was, eating the last of my delicious scone, when I noticed little Sparky begging for food.

By this stage I only had a few crumbs left, but I gladly shared them with the charming little chap.

Sparky 3 – Photo credit M the Greek

What a delight it was to have this little wild creature stare up trustingly into my eyes and lay his little paw in my hand.

Sparky 4 – Photo credit M the Greek

But apparently my offerings were lacking.

Sparky was having – Anything he could get his little paws on . . . As witness here, eating part of a sandwich he has begged from someone apparently less hungry than me!

Sparky 5

This seems to be what he was after all along; not my pathetic little crumbs.

I am only surprised that, with all the easy pickings, he was not totally rotund!