There’s Something in the Air!

LM Bear Impersonation

LM Bear Impersonation

Looking rather Bear-like, Little Monkey surveys her realm; via her acute sense of smell!

I love how crooked her nose is here, as she tries to keep her face angled towards me, but can’t resist whatever that scent is.

LM 2

LM 2

This is about as laid-back as you’re ever going to see Little Monkey, lolling on the stoep by the HTH pool acid and the large bag of potting soil, still twisting her mobile nose to catch that elusive scent.

LM 3

LM 3

Posed like a model.



28 thoughts on “There’s Something in the Air!

  1. blosslyn

    Ha ha I bet what she is sniffing, is something we would not even recognise, from a zillion miles away, coming in with that wind you mentioned the other day. But I do love her nose and the way she is looking down it, so cool πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person


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