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Soar 1



When worries cast you down

Let your spirit soar high

Lifted by soft breezes

And away you fly


Soar 2



Pink Moon


We get the pinkest of skies here in Cape Town in winter. A subtle hue spreads evenly across the sky as the sun thinks about setting.

You have to be quick to catch this tint though, as the sun sets so rapidly that suddenly all colour is gone.

To add a little glamour to the scene, a sliver of a moon shines out in the pinkness.

You noticed it without the title, right?


And if you want to know what a Blue Moon is, check out my post Blue Moon!


Winter Skies

Winter’s Day

Sunrise on a cold winter’s day.

This is my neighbour’s tree, which I love because it is the only one near me that is deciduous and waves its bare branches in the pink winter skies.

Most of my trees are evergreen, like my Eugenia. My large Syringa will eventually shed all its leaves, but at the moment it’s still looking very green. It better get a move on though, as the sun is starting to come back already!


And it’s only chilly until the sun rises higher in the sky, then, barring any storm fronts heralding gales, the day rapidly warms up.

Winter is mild here in Cape Town.


Red Sky

Red Skies 1

It is rare for me to see a red sky, with little hint of blue or purple, and this is such a deep red, it is really dramatic.

Red Skies 2

While I was taking my photos at dusk, with the sun rapidly setting, I was “serenaded” – if you can apply that term here – by a couple of Egyptian Geese, standing atop a neighbour’s roof and screeching loudly to another couple some distance away.

It is not a pretty sound!


You can read more about the noisy birds here: Sittin’ on a Roof and Cacophony.


The Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice 1

Yes, it is officially the Winter Solstice down here in Cape Town. This is our shortest day with the longest night.

Apart from it being a little chilly now and then, when a cold front all the way from the Antarctic sweeps over us, you wouldn’t know it was winter just by looking outside.

Winter Solstice 2

It still looks sunnier here than most summer days in the northern hemisphere, where, yes, you have your Summer Solstice right now; longest day and shortest night.

Winter Solstice 3

All I could wish for really, is some rain!



Prelude 1

This was our view at sunset last night, while we all awaited the promised rain storm.

Finally, in the night, the clouds rolled in and we got our much-needed rain. (Photo below is before sunset, as the clouds just start to gather.)

Prelude 2

It’s not a lot of rain though. The total dam storage is down to 19%, which is effectively 9% as the last 10% is very hard to use. We need way more than one cold front to make any impression on that.

And yes it is windy. (Apparently it took the roof off the local school’s new pavilion.) But it’s not that bad! We’ve had way worse. Not a tile was rattled on our old roof. Which just goes to show that they don’t build things nowadays like they used to!

The worst result of this storm, as far as I’m concerned, was the power cut we had from 5 am to 11 am this morning. Boy did I rush to make that first cuppa once it came back on. It is way too chilly to be drinking cold water!!