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Soar 1



When worries cast you down

Let your spirit soar high

Lifted by soft breezes

And away you fly


Soar 2



Enchanted Forests

Enchanted Forest 1

Tread softly on the leaf litter; listen

Tiny whispers of magical creatures

Enchanted Forest 2

Don’t stray from the path; sit awhile

Let Nature fill the air around you

Enchanted Forest 3

Across the lake through a gap in the trees

Another enchanted forest waits

Enchanted Forest 4

What are you two doing back there?

There are lots of interesting smells to chase

Enchanted Forest 5

Oh never mind; take your time

I know where I’m going!


I went walking round Newmillerdam in Yorkshire with my sister and her Border Collie, Sparkle. I used to go here often when I lived in the UK and it was lovely to visit all the old haunts again.

Of course her dog, much like Little Monkey, became impatient with our stopping to take photos and in the end just trotted on ahead.


Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Window 1

Haiku 46

Sunlight filters through

Coloured chips of silica

Stained-glass perfection


Stained Glass Window 2

This beautiful stained glass window is one of many in St Salvator’s Chapel, St Andrews, Scotland.

St Salvator’s Chapel

The chapel was founded in 1450 and has Late Gothic architecture.

Stained Glass Window 3

There are many magnificent old buildings and churches all over the UK. This is just one small church in one small town.

Stained Glass Window 4

I like the first window the best, but have included all of the windows, because everyone has different tastes and maybe your favourite is one of these others.

Stained Glass Window 5

And below is a shot of the interior. You can see the organ pipes reaching high up into the roof.

St Salvator’s Chapel 2

What I love about a place such as this, apart from the glorious beauty, is the history. You are standing where others have stood, for nearly 570 years!


Heaven Scent


Heaven Scent

Even the brightest Sunbeam

Needs a little rain






post script: The answer to last post’s movie trivia quiz, “Who said ‘Like molten steel’?” is Leslie Nielsen in the 1995 comedy “Rent a Kid”. He would compare the oddest things to molten steel. eg This glass is as clean as molten steel.

Points for effort go to Samanthamurdochblog and A Curious Introvert. Thanks for playing along.





Haiku 45

Dear friend abandoned

Modern frenzy of travel

Lost love left behind



I saw this large cuddly toy lying forlornly on the floor under a seat at Heathrow T3.

All I could do was pick him up, surreptitiously hug him, and place him in clear view on top of the bench.

No-one came to claim him in the hour or so I was around that area. I guess they rushed for their plane and in the melee he just got left behind.


Hopefully he was adopted to be loved by some other child.