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A Study in Orange

Orange Daisies 1

Haiku 150

Glorious daisies

Bright sunlight fallen to Earth

Radiating Gold


Orange Daisies 2

Walking around Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in Cape Town, there are many wonderful sights to see:

Distant mountaintops, unusual and indigenous flora, works of art, a cool stream running through a shady dell;

Orange Daisies 3

And turning a corner in the path, these iridescent, brightly coloured daisies.

I love Nature!


post script: I’m not entirely sure, but I think these flowers are what we locals call Cape Daisies, Osteospermum.




Dassies 1

Haiku 149

An odd looking beast

Like a rabbit, but not quite

Tiny little toes


I do like Dassies, also known as Rock Rabbits, or Hyrax. You’ll find them on the top of Table Mountain and in various other places around South Africa. Their natural habitat is at high altitude in rocky terrain, where they can hide from predators in crevices.

Dassies 2

When we have stayed at various Nature Reserves around South Africa, I have always been amused to see them sitting in the bushes! It was as odd as seeing a rabbit up a tree. They have large soft pads on the soles of their feet, which help them grip rocks, or branches. They would also appear on our stoep at breakfast time, to share in the morning biscuits!

However, they are related to elephants, not rabbits; their closest relative being the African elephant.

Dassies 3

We found these ones at the World of Birds wildlife sanctuary in Hout Bay, Cape Town. I don’t remember seeing them here before, so it was a pleasant surprise. They had just been fed fresh leaves too.

They are unique and fun little animals. Here is a short clip of Dassies calling, and here of urban Dassies.


Monkey See!

Squirrel Monkey

Haiku 147

In the canopy

I spot a squirrel monkey

Monkey see me too!



Visiting the World of Birds wildlife sanctuary in Hout Bay, Cape Town recently, we went inside the Squirrel Monkey enclosure to get up close and personal with the little monkeys.

It seems they were checking us out just as much as we were checking them out.


Let There be Cake!

Cake 1 – Apple Crumble

Haiku 146

What could be nicer

Than sitting under the trees

With a piece of cake?


You may have been wondering what I have been up to during my absence.

Cake 2 – Cheesecake

Let’s just say that there were many morning and afternoon teas, sitting outside under the shade of trees, and that much cake was involved.

Cake 3 – Malva Pudding

Although I didn’t eat all of these delicious cakes myself, I certainly tasted them!



post script: These cakes were from Jonkershuis, Groot Constantia.

They are described as follows in their menu, in the order of the photos above;

Apple Crumble, with toffee apple sauce and vanilla pod ice cream

The Jonkershuis Cheesecake, oven baked with lemon and cardamom curd

Traditional Malva Pudding, with caramel sauce, vanilla pod ice cream and fudge bits


The Return!

Red Rose

Haiku 145

Sweet scented red rose

How welcome is your return

Also I am back!



Hello my friends!

Just as this lovely red rose returns each spring, wafting its heavenly scent into the air, so I am returning to Blogland.

I hope you have been keeping well in my absence and I look forward to reading all your Blogs again.


Take a Break

Seaside 3

Haiku 144

A leave of absence

I’ll only be posting here




Spring has Sprung here in Cape Town and I have many chores waiting. Also family is visiting soon, so I’ll be spending time with them.

All of which means that I’ll only be visiting Blogland now and then, for the next month or so.

To all my friends, particularly those in hospital or recovering, keep well and I’ll see you later.