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You Little Suckers!

Aphids on Honeysuckle

Haiku 104

Out with the spray can

Take that you little suckers

How dare you feed here!



I’ve been waxing lyrical lately about my honeysuckle plants that have all started blooming beautifully.

Unfortunately, I discovered a few bushes infested with aphids that were also enjoying the bounty!

I have a special solution I use on my roses that is kind to ladybirds, so I made up a fresh batch and sprayed away.

Now we wait and see!


For excellent horticultural information and advice you can check out my friend’s blog at The Naturarian. Many of you will remember her as MidWestern Plant Girl. She wrote a great post about aphids recently.




Dragonfly 1

Haiku 103

Oh grey dragonfly

Marvel of engineering

How can you be drab?


It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen a dragonfly hovering over the pool, so I was excited to see this one, even though he is a drab grey and not the scintillating red or blue I used to see.

Dragonfly 2

I know dragonflies get a bad rap, but they are still amazing! Just look at the marvel of natural engineering that is their wings, and the muscle needed on their back to power their flight. Each wing is powered by a separate muscle, giving them incredible manoeuvrability. Marvellous!

I had fun trying to get close enough for a half decent shot of this tiny guy. I only had my little point and click Canon so tried to creep as near as possible. Every time I got within a few metres, he took off. But he did circle around and settle on the bricks again. It seemed he liked the spot!


Thank Goodness!

Vine Leaves 1

Haiku 101

Golden-tipped vine leaves

Foretell the end of summer

At last some relief



Vine Leaves 2

As the sun was setting the other night I looked out and saw its glow reflected on the grape vines. I realised suddenly that the worst was over!

I love to see the oranges and golds of these grapevines, as most of the plants here are Evergreen.

Vine Leaves 3

If the vines are turning to autumn colours then cooler weather should be on the way soon.

Of course, I still have the whole of March to get through before I can expect any significant decrease in temperature, but at least there is hope!


Thar She Blows!

Windswept Trees 1


Haiku 99

Buffeted by gales

No standing tall and straight here

Thar she blows again!



I wonder in which direction the prevailing wind blows?

The last time I passed by here, there were several trees that had leaned so far over they were growing along the ground. These seem to have been removed. And it looks like some of the overhanging branches of the remaining trees have been shored up with supporting poles.

Windswept Trees 2

As always there are mountains in the background. This area at Zandvlei, Muizenberg, is a park where families can relax by the river and have a braai.

Windswept Trees 3

Still, I love these weird-looking trees that manage to survive even though they live right by the sea and are bombarded by the brunt of the storms that hit our coastline in winter.


Thar she blows is what the lookout on a whaling ship would shout when he spotted a whale surfacing and blowing air out of its blowhole. 


Little Apples


Haiku 98

Sour green apples

Nice to look at not to eat

My gnarly old tree



I don’t know why my ancient apple tree produces an odd clump of apples, but it does so every year. Mostly the apples are fairly evenly spread around the whole tree, but for this one group. And for some reason, these apples are redder than usual.

However the old tree makes its fruit, I’m just happy that it’s still hanging in there.

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